Audio Recording With Computer Sequencers

The recording studio inside the virtual world of the computer is real enough, but sometimes you have to treat it with care to get the best from it. Paul White offers a few tips on the subject.

Computers offer us MIDI, audio recording, mixing, virtual effects,virtual synths and CD manufacturing facilities, but it doesn’t pay to take them for granted. The following tips will help you get the best out of your system, whether it runs on a Mac or PC, and most assume that you already have a system that’s up and running. If you’re planning to buy a PC system but aren’t sure what to go for, check out the FAQs on our web site and give some serious consideration to buying the system preconfigured from a single vendor rather than assembling it yourself. If you want to buy a Mac system, either buy one of the newly obsoleted grey Macs or wait until the peripherals and software copy protection needed to work with the new candy-coloured Macs are ready. In either case, buy the fastest machine you can afford – even if you can’t afford it!


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