Understanding Your Users & Their Needs

How personas and prioritized requirements influence the UI “Know your audience.” It’s advice as old as Homer (Athens, not Spring eld). While this is a practice ingrained in every great writer, it can be easy to overlook as you immerse yourself in the visual details, typographies, and layouts of web user interfaces. Now that you know how UI and UX are interwoven, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of Step 0 to creating a
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What are some of the most important programming concepts?

Keep it simple(KIS): I have seen (and participated) in some projects which failed because of over engineering. This is just so painfully common with the egos of many highly talented programmers and for some reason allowed by their lackluster manager’s. Sometimes the best solution won’t lead to real customer value if the code is not maintainable because it is too complex. Create some easy approach which works, s
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