Comcast Partner Portal Redesign

I’ve been working with the super friendly team at Comcast for almost two years now, working on various projects with a focus on their branding, UI & UX and WordPress consulting projects. I was asked to redesign a website for their Partner Document Sharing Portal, they wanted the website to not only be feature rich but also deliver a classy and sleek looking experience. The portal is a document sharing

I created a custom child theme theme for WordPress and custom plugins that met all of their requirements and not only looked great but also exceeded their expectations. The design and back end customization delivered by a one man team with zero dollar budget and no support achieved monumental results for an enterprise level project.

The end result is a clean and functional design, which highlights Comcast’s brand and style in addition to a rich community like portal with private channels for secure document storage and sharing. The color palette aligns with their brand colors whilst still achieving a fresh and modern appearance using clean, flat design. The re-design is expected to increase the amount of new inquiries thanks to a clearer, more logical layout.


Date: July 14, 2016