EMC Store UI & UX Redesign

EMC are a long time client of mine, we have worked on a variety of projects together and it was my great pleasure to work with their store team on the redesign of their EMC Store website providing the UI/UX Design.

The checkout process was very hard to navigate and was not intuitive nor user friendly. The cart abandonment rate was staggering at a very early entry point. I will spare you the details but through an agile process, tried and true a/b testing, rapid wireframing and great UI design patterns provided by yours truly and worked with a great team and cross channels of extremely talented people we were able to improve the dropout rate, increase the revenue, created an instant notification system that improved the EMC partner relationships and overall customer satisfaction. It is remarkable what some empathy and top down simplifying of an unnecessarily complicated system can do. If there is a demonstrated need for something keep it. If not, eliminate it, or put it out of site.

We were able to achieve success through simplicity.

Date: August 04, 2015