Hawthornes Cafe Beer Boutique

I had the great pleasure of working with the husband and wife team that owns the Hawthornes Cafe Beer Boutique. I designed the site using a custom WordPress theme to accommodate a 100% original design. The design and back UI gave the owners a customized admin panel

Hawthornes is a beer boutique and gourmet eatery that is family owned.  At Hawthornes you can shop and browse our catalog of over 1000 specialty craft and import beers while enjoying breakfast, lunch & dinner.  Hawthornes is a true product of our passion & love.  I built Hawthornes with complete details and values that the owners strongly believe in. Those values are quality food amazing beer in a warm atmosphere that doesn’t break the bank, I wanted the design to match and convey those values.


Established in 2009. Built from the ground up in the shell of a former beer distributor

Date: July 15, 2012