iVOD Scheduler Wireframes

The VADER team wanted the IVOD Scheduler to have multiple scalable components; The Scheduler, the Stations component, a Channel component (WIP),  a robust Reporting tool and an Active Directory/LDAP user management tool. With the complexities there within and challenges of looking up thousands of titles when it comes to Metadata editing, transformation, publication and ingest, from hundreds of different sources, considering that there is unfortunately no universally adopted video metadata standard that we can rely on and we need a metadata structure that can at the same time flexibly extend to host all of the unusual and often proprietary fields that some platforms require.

That is why I focused on making it easy to use, easy to learn, collaborative tools that users love.  I make operations easier, faster, better, so that Comcast operators are free to concentrate on really running their core business.

Date: July 28, 2016