MMC Concussion Tests

    I designed the websites for a medical publishing company called Matrix Medical Communications, MMC. I was asked to design the branding and WordPress based website for a project called “MMC Concussion Tests”, which is a  consumer-targeted website with a secure merchant platform that utilizes a custom-made access code database plugin. In addition to the design of this consumer-based site and implementation of a secure merchant platform (WooCommerce), I developed a plugin that allows the import and assignment of unique access codes that have been provided by the partnering company of the site. Upon the purchase of a baseline concussion test, this plugin allows these unique codes to be assigned to each customer and are used by the customers to gain entry to to the partnering company’s testing portal. After each code is assigned to a customer, the plugin then deletes the code from the database to prevent it from being assigned more than once.


    screenshot-www mmcconcussiontests com 2016-07-28 16-29-23

    Date: July 15, 2016