iVOD Scheduler Overview


The IVOD Scheduler is the hub that drives operational workflow across multiple teams, networks and services. No longer will Comcast operators and business teams need to rely on Excel documents, paper forms, emails, or multiple systems that are difficult to access.

Because the IVOD Scheduler is a web application you can do this using only a web browser, from anywhere you can connect to the internet. The IVOD Scheduler seamlessly integrated with multiple platforms, content partners and is scalable using our powerful, yet simple, APIs. IVOD Scheduler ensures that content correctly reaches its destination screen, on time, every time. It does this by breaking down the barriers between operational teams, content providers, and vendors; letting them work together effectively to manage and complete the many tasks required every day by your media operations.

I’ve designed their branding, App UI & UX design and front-end website. Cross functional teamwork, communication, daily scrum and agile project management, rapid wire framing and html prototyping, devops build cycle, github, jenkins, photoshop, leveraged multiple frameworks and toolsets.

The IVOD Scheduler is currently in production.


Client:Comcast XFINITY
Date: July 28, 2016